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Victoria Sword-Daniels
MSc, Geophysical Hazards
EngD, Urban Sustainability and Resilience


Stuart Fraser
MSc, Geophyscial Hazards
PhD, Emergency Management


For any general inquiries, please contact us by email or telephone, or fill in the following contact form:

We operate globally from our base in Brighton, UK.


Email: stuart@disaster-risk.uk
Tel:  +44 (0) 7455 048 044

Assessment and communication of natural hazards and disaster risk


Disaster Risk Consultancy


Multiple Hazards

We have expertise across hydro-meteorological and geophysical hazards

Risk Analysis


We have experience managing risk assessment of multiple hazards in multiple countries


Author and reviewer of peer-reviewed journal articles and reports on risk management

Tool Development

We have developed innovative online risk communication tools and GIS-based evacuation mapping tools

Multiple Sector Experience

Over ten years' experience, across reinsurance, academic, and development sectors

ThinkHazard! (GFDRR)

An innovative online hazard screening tool for the development sector

Making a Riskier Future


GFDRR report exploring the dynamics of changing disaster risk, and how to manage future risk

Evacuation Zone Maps

An indicative evacuation zone mapping tool, developed with GNS Science in ArcGIS and Python

Tsunami Vertical Evacuation

Assessment of need for vertical evacuation in New Zealand, and review of evacuation in 2011 Great East Japan tsunami

Tsunami resistant design

Technical report reviewing international tsunami-resistant design standards and building codes for MBIE, New Zealand

European multi-peril risk

Multi-peril risk assessment framework and profiles to inform national disaster response capability planning, with ICF for DG ECHO. Informed 'rescEU' - A new European system to tackle disasters

National workshops

Presentations to New Zealand national and regional Civil Defence and Emergency Management Groups

Flood model calibration

Development of model calibration process for river flood catastrophe modelling, for Ambiental Technical Solutions Ltd.

Post-event surveys

Damage investigations conducted after two tsunamis and one earthquake

Expert review

Review of technical report on tsunami vertical evacuation strategy for Hawke’s Bay Regional Council, New Zealand

Risk Profiles - Africa

Management of multiple hazard, multiple country risk assessment for developing risk profiles in Sub-Saharan Africa

Post-event surveys

Damage investigations conducted after two tsunamis and one earthquake

Insurance Development Forum

Promoting use of insurance industry risk modelling and mapping expertise in developing countries, identifying existing model capabilities